Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Lion King Vertigoed

As rape scenes go, I find this one pretty easy to watch. For Press Play's contest to place Bernard Herrmann's "Scene D'Amour" from the Vertigo score over other film scenes a la The Artist, the first thing that came to mind was the opening of The Lion King. So I started the film and the song at the same time and could't believe the structural resonances. Thankfully, it's not a perfect overlap, but the video emphasizes certain parts of the score and vice versa in a playful give-and-take. The opening watercolors take on a concerned tone, the sun reflection and the rack focus become eerie omens, and the whole ritual on Pride Rock recalls Marie Antoinette, weighted with national burden, more than carefree baby Simba. I tried it again timing the big climax of the track with the end of the clip so that they fade out together, but it wasn't nearly as convincing.

I may try another couple of mash-ups. This one was an ordeal, though, figuring out all these new free (and therefore limited) programs. But at least I ripped my DVD, which is much better quality than the Youtube version I downloaded to begin with. And now that I've opened a Vimeo account and discovered how easy it is to use, and how conveniently I can embed Vimeo in this-a-here blog, I may as well try the others I was thinking about. Is it cheating to stick with opening scenes? I'd love to see what Fellowship of the Ring or Once Upon a Time in the West look like under "Scene d'amour". I let Herrmann score the opening of Melancholia but 1) Lars goes on much too long and 2) it quickly became clear that I was cheating by swapping one piece of unsettling classical music for another. Which is also why I'll be avoiding 2001. At least The Lion King was soft rock. But I'd like to try a silent (maybe a Keaton gag?), a Vertigo-influenced movie, and a big modern comedy setpiece, but I'm not sure which yet. For now, I'm happy with my very first video, and I'm looking forward to experimenting more. Thanks, Kim Novak!

UPDATE: I found that modern comedy I was looking for: Wet Hot American Summer.


  1. All this reminds me of the time a few years back I stumbled upon a bizarre synchronicity (if you watch, cut to minute 3 to avoid my droning preamble):

  2. That was great! And it really sold me on that movie.